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    The cerebrum controls activities involved intelligence, memory, sense of responsibility, thinking, reasoning, moral decision making, learning, planning, and problem solving. The cerebrum is also responsible sensory perception such as perception of pain, temperature, sight, hearing, taste and smell. It is also responsible the initiation, coordination and control of voluntary movement.

    The brain stem connects the higher levels of the brain and the spinal cord, controls autonomic reflex activities such as respiration (breathing), cardiac function, salivation, vomiting, coughing, sneezing, and swallowing. It also processes in visual and auditory information.

    The diencephalon controls the output of hormones from pituitary gland, the autonomic nervous system, homeostasis, and emotional reactions. It also relays and redistributes impulses from most parts of the brain to the cerebral cortex.

    The cerebellum controls and coordinates the movements of various groups of muscles ensuring smooth, even, precise actions. It coordinates activities associated with the maintenance of posture, balance and equilibrium.

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