Choose the most appropriate word from the box below to fill in the gaps
in the following sentences:


  1. Caawiye Member

    1. We need to male our network more securely against attacks by hackers
    2. The two sides have settled their differences
    3. The man was feeling destitute and sympathetic since he was ultimately terminated
    4. That house was abandoned years ago
    5. The messy job was beyond desolately
    6. The school assesses the student’s progress each year
    7. He has been living in relative obscurity in a small town
    8. His grief was cured
    9. The office of the superintendent of parks issues camping permits
    10. I was relieved to hear that you are feeling better
    11. Her anticipated faze made us realize that she was shy
    12. A new dean is at the helm of the medical school

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