1. Caawiye Member

    1. Withdrawal from one’s occupation or from active working place –Discharged
    2. To get rid of impurities by or as if by washing –Cleansing
    3. In the end –Ultimately
    4. One paid under given conditions to a person following retirement from
    service –Pension
    5. looked-forward or expected –Downcast
    6. Perquisite or tip – gratuities
    7. having a right to certain benefits –entitled
    8. Planned or carried out with great care – cured
    9. To tread on forcibly and repeatedly –elaborate
    10. Long strenuous fatiguing labor –perplexed
    11. full of difficulty –toiled

    12. Not functioning properly –dysfunctional
    13. To hold dear –sympathetic
    14. A person that makes malicious attacks especially against an opponent –mudsling
    15. Appropriate –duly
    16. Kindly or pleased appreciation –cherish
    17. To force to an act or choice –coerce
    18. To release from an obligation –self-redemption

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