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    1) Define Oscillatory Motion?
    Ans: Oscillatory motion is defined as To and fro motion of an object from its mean position.
    2) Define periodic motion?
    Ans: periodic motion is a motion of an object that regularly repeats or returns to a given
    position after fixed time interval.

    3) What is period?
    Ans: Period is the time taken to make one complete cycle.
    4) What is the SI unit of period?
    Ans: the SI unit of period is second (S)
    5) What is frequency?
    Ans: Frequency is number of cycle made in one second.
    6) What is the SI unit of frequency?
    Ans: the SI unit of frequency is Hertz (HZ).
    7) List some examples of repetitive motion of Human body.
    Ans: Some examples of repetitive motion of Human body are:-
    a) Heart beat
    b) Breathing

    8) Define simple harmonic motion.
    Ans1: Simple harmonic motion (SHM) is a type of motion under the influence of restoring
    force described by Hook’s law.
    Ans2: Simple harmonic motion SHM is a motion in which a body moves back or forth over
    a fixed path, returning to each position and velocity after definite interval of time.

    9) What is the force constant or restoring force?
    Ans: force constant is the spring constant refers to the property of the material and shows the
    stiffness of the spring.

    10) What is the displacement of Simple harmonic motion SHM?
    Ans: It the distance from equilibrium position in either direction.
    11) State Hook’s law?
    Ans: Hook’s law states that the restoring force applied by a spring is proportional to the
    displacement of the spring and opposite in direction.

    12) Define Amplitude.
    Ans: Amplitude is the maximum displacement from mean position in either direction.
    13) What is simple pendulum?
    Ans: Simple pendulum is the mass on the end of the string which oscillates in a harmonic

    14) What is the period of simple pendulum depend on?
    Ans: The period of simple pendulum depend on
    • The length of the string.
    • Acceleration due to gravity.

    15) What is equilibrium position?
    Ans: Equilibrium position is the rest position of particles.
    16) A vibrating simple pendulum of a period is placed in a lift is accelerating downwards. What will be the effect on the time period?
    Ans: Time period increases as effect value of acceleration due to gravity decrease.

    17) If you doubled the period of a pendulum, what happens to its length?
    Ans: Its length will be doubled

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