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    Software utility and application software are two different types of software that serve different purposes.

    Software utility is a type of software that is designed to help users manage and optimize their computer systems. It typically includes tools and features that perform specific tasks, such as disk cleanup, virus scanning, system optimization, and file management. Examples of software utilities include antivirus software, disk defragmenters, and backup software. The primary purpose of software utility is to maintain and optimize the performance of a computer system.

    On the other hand, application software is a type of software that is designed to perform specific tasks or functions for users. It is used to create documents, manage finances, edit photos and videos, play games, and many other purposes. Examples of application software include word processors, spreadsheets, graphic design software, and video editing software. The primary purpose of application software is to provide users with tools to complete specific tasks or goals.

    In summary, software utility is focused on managing and optimizing computer systems, while application software is focused on providing tools for users to complete specific tasks.

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