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    Floriculture is a branch of horticulture that deals with the cultivation and management of flowering and ornamental plants, including flowers, foliage plants, and flowering shrubs. Floriculture is concerned with the production of plants for their aesthetic value, and it involves the use of specialized techniques to cultivate and manage these plants. Floriculture is an important industry worldwide, with flowers and ornamental plants used for a variety of purposes, such as decorating homes and public spaces, landscaping, and for special occasions such as weddings and funerals.

    Floriculture involves a wide range of activities, including plant breeding, propagation, pest management, irrigation, and fertilization. It also includes the post-harvest handling of flowers and ornamental plants, such as grading, packaging, and transportation. Floriculture is an important source of income for many farmers, and it plays a vital role in the global horticulture industry.

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